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The Databay philosophy

At Databay, we believe in providing the best in security, privacy, and anonymity to our customers. That's why we select only the highest quality proxy peers to join our network, ensuring that our customers are never exposed to malicious or abusive content. Our proxies are carefully monitored and regularly switched, allowing you to access geo-restricted content without fear. We also strive to provide an easy-to-use platform and customer service experience, allowing our customers to effortlessly manage their accounts and get the most out of our services. With Databay, you can trust that your online activity is safe, secure, and private.

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Networks built on trust

Peers selection.

The bond of trust with our peers is an important value for us. Each user is totally aware of participating in Databay's networks and is glad to get financial rewards. To ensure the respect of our peers we have put in place numerous mechanisms to regulate the use of our networks and inform our users of the activities performed with their traffic.

Respecting your privacy

Databay is GDPR compliant.

Your privacy is very important to us. Databay acts in total respect of your personal information. We have made every effort to be fully GDPR compliant by using all possible best practices to keep your data safe. To find out how your data is handled, read our legals documents.

User monitoring

We have designed and implemented a multitude of automatic checks of our networks to detect potential malicious use of our networks. In addition to these automatic checks,we perform numerous manual checks on a daily basis. If you think Databay networks are being abused, contact us.

How we monitor our users.

Our Blog

Each handpicked blog article offers practical tips and insights, making it easier for you to navigate and utilize our proxies more efficiently. We consistently update this section with content from us and our partners at Databay, ensuring that you always have the latest information to guide your proxy usage. Dive into these reads and unlock the full potential of our residential proxy service.

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Our services provide you with secure and reliable internet access no matter where you are. We do this by acting like a bridge — called a proxy — that helps you connect with over 7 million devices worldwide. This means you can browse the web, access geo-restricted content, and more, all while keeping your connection secure.