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Frequently asked questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before using our products. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact our team at [email protected]

A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. It functions as a bridge between your web browser and internet services, allowing you to access online resources while keeping your identity and location hidden.

You will have access to a pool of millions of IP addresses located all over the world. We take care of maintaining this pool, and you can connect to our servers to be assigned a new IP address for each request. You can choose the location of the IP or even opt to use the same IP repeatedly.

Our service currently supports HTTP/S proxies.

Our proxies can be used to access almost all websites, with the exception of a few that are blocked due to being targets of fraudulent attacks. Contact us to obtain a list of these blocked sites.

We currently support two types of authentication: username:password and IP whitelist.

Yes, we have a complete API, you can find the documentation here :.

The residential proxies we provide are mostly from wifi connections, and the speed depends on several factors such as the location of the proxy and the internet connection.

Unfortunately, we no longer offer free trials at this time.

By connecting to our servers, you can access online resources with the peace of mind that your personal information and location are protected. Additionally, our authentication methods and strict policies against illegal activity further enhance the privacy and security of our service.

Yes, we have special offers for resellers, as well as an API that allows you to manage your Databay account in real-time.