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Undetectable.io — Why is this anti-detection browser seizing the market?

Apr 23, 2024 Reading duration. 6 min read
Undetectable.io — Why is this anti-detection browser seizing the market?


Undetectable is an anti-detection browser that safeguards your online identity by altering information about your computer, such as IP address, browser fingerprint, language, fonts, and other parameters.


The new fingerprint switching technology allows you to explore numerous websites without being detected or tracked. This advantage also lets you establish and control several browser profiles with individual settings and add-ons. Websites interpret these profiles as independent users, and can't establish any links between them. The fingerprinting method is applicable to any device running on widely-used operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

Anti-detection browsers promise to offer superior security and privacy levels compared to standard proxies or VPNs, which only modify the IP address without hiding additional data.

Key Features of Undetectable

What distinctively distinguishes Undetectable from others in the sector? It comes down to the exceptional capabilities of the developers, the dependable performance of the application and a high regard for the users.

Reduced Risks

The provision exists to keep accounts stored locally on your device, in the cloud, or on your own server. This flexibility ensures a decrease in potential risks linked to using third-party storage platforms, particularly those involving accounts and cryptocurrency wallets.

Frequent Upgrades to the Chromium Core

The team behind Undetectable ensures a regular and rapid updates of the Chromium core to the most recent versions. In the present era where a single click can refresh Chrome on millions of devices globally, employing outdated browser cores makes you conspicuous amongst the general crowd. In addition, it guarantees conformity with the latest internet standards and recently developed security capabilities.

Annual Uptime of 99.99%

Having been on the market for three years now, the developers of Undetectable have engineered an infrastructure that ensures an annual uptime of 99.99%, as per the data from the year 2023.


The Undetectable browser provides a comprehensive range of familiar features, including bulk profile generation, managers for cookie import and export, proxy handling, etc. But, it also introduces unique features like a synchronizer and text input simulation. Let's explore these features in more depth.

Bulk Profile Creation

With a few simple clicks, it's possible to generate hundreds of distinct profiles through configurations or lists of User-Agents, Cookies, or a general format (Name, Cookies, Proxy-type, Proxy, User-Agents, Notes). There is a guide on mass profile creation on YouTube.


The synchronizer feature allows for the simultaneous control of multiple browser profiles. Once the synchronizer button is pressed, your activities in the principal window will be duplicated in other windows. This includes actions such as entering text, launching new tabs, scrolling through social media platforms, installing extensions, among others.

Efficient Export and Import: Proxies, Cookies, Bookmarks

Undetectable facilitates the transfer of sessions and proxies in several common formats, including JSON in macro form. There is a dedicated manager for handling proxies.A specific function within the profile manager enables the import of bookmarks.

Bulk Extension Installation

The browser extension manager provides the ability to install extensions to all profiles simultaneously, or remove and deactivate them whenever required.

Human-like Pasting

This feature simulates human behaviour when pasting text, presenting a more human-like and typical browsing usage pattern. To apply this, simply copy the text, right-click on the target field, and choose Paste like a human. The anti-detection browser automatically modifies the speed and pauses when pasting text, making it resemble human user behaviour and diminish the likelihood of detecting automated actions.

Automation and API

With the use of specialised libraries such as Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, processes can be automated in the Chromium browser using an API via the Chrome DevTools Protocol. For more details, refer to the documentation. The API works in conjunction with Chromium flags.

Usability and amenities

This anti-detection browser not only boasts functionality but is also thoughtfully optimised for the seamless operation of large teams.

Over 33 Permissions Settings for Team Collaboration
– Role Division
– Users with administrator rights in Undetectable can establish roles and allocate them a specific set of permissions and accesses.
– Grouping of Profiles
– The system permits the grouping of profiles and bestows users with access to multiple groups, thus expanding the scope for segmenting permissions among team members.
– Cloud web panel
- Administrators can manage roles, groups, and sessions, and monitor the status of cloud profiles in real-time.


Undetectable is optimised for function across various operating systems, with versions for Windows 10/11, devices with macOS on M1/M2 chips, and for macOS on Intel processors.
Undertaking large projects is made enjoyable with Undetectable's capacity to load over 5000 profiles in just a few seconds. It supports bulk work with cloud and local profiles.

Small but useful features

Undetectable incorporates several practical tools in the anti-detection browser world. These include hotkeys, intuitive account import using Drag & Drop, notes, folders, tags for navigation, a dark theme, automatic cleaning of unnecessary cache, and more.


Getting started

To register and download Undetectable, visit the official website. A free plan is available for trial purposes.

If you have any questions, you can contact customer support through:
- UndetectableBot
- Email: [email protected]

Stay updated with the latest news by following Undetectable on social media:
- Telegram chat: undetectable_ENchat
- News channel: undetectable_io
- Facebook: undetectableio/
- Twitter: undetectable_io


The location of the profiles can be identified in the settings under the "Main" tab. It is possible to alter the storage folder. When you click on the "Path to the folder with profiles" field, options will appear for interacting with existing profiles which you can leave in the old folder, or choose to copy or move them to a new one.

This can be conveniently done from the profile manager. Select the necessary profiles and right-click on them, then select the desired value from the context menu.

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