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Rotating Residential proxies.
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Proxy-driven data collection made easy

Access a Global Network of 7 Million Real-Device Proxies

Proxy users management.

Effortlessly Manage Proxy Users with Our Powerful API

Databay networks coverage.

Broad Geographic Coverage (Excluding State of Texas, USA)

Databay proxies locations.

Precise Proxy Location Selection: Country, City, State, or Continent

New IP address after each connection.

Enhanced IP Security and Anonymity with Each Connection

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Databay Solutions for Every Use Case

Rotating Mobile proxies.

Rotating Mobile Proxies

Starting from

Price monitoring, social media..

Very low detection rate

Rotating Residential proxies.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies

Starting from

+7,000,000 IPs

Used for : price monitoring, ad verification, competitor analysis..

Advantages : low detection rate, the number of locations

Rotating Datacenter proxies.

Rotating Residential Proxies

Starting from

Load testing, cybersecurity..

Good stability, low latency, high uptime

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Scrape Data from Nearly Any Location Worldwide

Access proxies from various global locations and maintain full control over their geographic settings by filtering by continent, country, state, and city.
Optionally, retain the same IP address using sessions.

* (excluding State of Texas, USA)

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Total Control of Your Databay Proxies

Effortlessly create and manage proxy users, allocate bandwidth, whitelist IPs, and collaborate with your team. Gain insights with comprehensive statistics on your activity.

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Use Cases: E-commerce, Ad Verification, Market Research & More

The complete platform to access the world, securely and anonymously.

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Use proxies the smart way. Access the Internet anonymously through a real Internet Service Provider (ISP). Choose the continent/country/state/city of your proxy. You can choose to have a different IP for each request, or keep the same IP with our session system.